Why Do You Really Need Tablet Enclosures?

A tablet qualifies as a mobile device but surveys show that majority of use cases are inside premises. Individuals prefer to use their tablets only at home or at work, not while they are in transit. Establishments such as museums, libraries, retail stores, organizations, healthcare services and restaurants are proving to be the largest users of tablets for a variety of functions, most of which involve interaction with members of the public.

In such situations one cannot leave a tablet lying around. It is better fitted inside an enclosure and affixed to a stand. Here is why you really need tablet enclosure, whether it is for individual use or for commercial use.

Individual use

A tablet stand that holds the device security and allows it to be oriented just the way one wants is perfect for individuals. At work they can position the unit wherever they want and have both hands free for other tasks. At home one can use the stand-enclosure for tablets to position the device and angle it for perfect viewing of movies or live TV feed or even for working. There are less chances of the tablet slipping, falling to the floor and sustaining damage. The housing for the tablet also keeps the device exteriors protected against scratches and dirt. Should one wish to sell it at any time in the future the tablet will certainly fetch a better price.


The reasons why enclosures for tablets are indispensable for establishments like banks, airlines, travel agencies, restaurants, boutiques, libraries, museums, retail stores and hotels are different. Consider

• Tablets are usually deployed for interaction with the public and they need to be mounted properly on a stand and angled perfectly to allow ease of use. An enclosure with stand, whether it is desktop, wall mount or free floor standing unit, allows this. The accessory for tablet enhances user experience and contributes to the establishment’s reputation.

• Tablets usually are loaded with custom software and data that is precious and valuable. If it were left lying about, someone may filch it. Enclosures and stands house the tablet and keep it secure against theft, especially when fitted with some sort of an alarm sensor. Data protection is just as important as keeping the tablet protected against theft.

• Stores that sell tablets must opt for a suitable enclosure with stand that also incorporates a charger cable and a sensor that activates an alarm if anyone tries to detach the device. It is the best protection against theft.

• Enclosures also save space. For example, a wall mount used in a library or a museum makes use of space on the wall and offers excellent ease of use as well as visibility that encourages people to use the device.

As can be seen, regardless of the type of user, a suitable enclosure with stand for the tablet greatly enhances usability while keeping the device fully secure and should be considered as a must have accessory.

For Good Maintenance and DIY a Good Paint Sprayer Is Essential

If you are the DIY type of person that gets pleasure out of doing things around the house, you will most likely have your own collection of tools and accessories somewhere in a garden shed or underneath your house or patio.

You may also possess a Wagner paint sprayer which is often seen as a great addition to your tools and accessories by the gardener or proud homeowner. Also, instead of hiring someone to do some of the painting tasks at your home or outbuildings such as a garden shed or tool shed – or patio area – you may wish to do the job yourself and save some money in the process.

Even those who have never tried their hand at DIY before may find that the process requires not much more than a steady hand, a device that sprays paint or varnish, for instance, onto a surface and a will to do your own DIY job.

The Wagner paint sprayer is a well-known product for those who feel comfortable with doing their own maintenance and home paint jobs. Clients who have used the products say they will never go back to other products and manufacturers since this is the one they prefer for quality and ease of use.

There are no paint brushes and related accessories involved. Instead, you have a compact product that is easy to operate and has various benefits for the lover of DIY. You work much quicker than you would with traditional methods such as brushes since the sprayers offer great power when used. In addition, those who use the Wagner paint sprayer say that they undoubtedly have more control over what they do and chances of ever over-spraying are minimal as opposed to some non-sprayer options.

Add to that quick clean up and minimal maintenance to the sprayer and you have a winner, many feel. They also say that these pieces of equipment are great for use everywhere, whether it is outside the house or for interior tasks. They are normally offered in various series, all of which are well known and enjoy their own following.

The Flexio Series is well known, as is the HEA (High Efficiency Airless). So are the Airless Series, the Control Series and the Paintready and Craft Series, to name some. The Wagner paint sprayer makes it easy for all DIY enthusiasts to make a choice. As a leading name in the industry that supplies products and accessories to homeowners and professionals alike, the name is often mentioned when the world’s leading brands are discussed.

It is also easy for individuals to decide which series they prefer – and then have a choice within the series. Some of these sprayers are smaller than others and fit for those who only carry out smaller jobs. Those who often spend time fixing things in and around the home may find that they prefer a bigger sprayer. It depends on personal preference, needs and choice when you get a Wagner paint sprayer.

Depending on the sprayer you will be able to paint a number of paints and varnishes onto surfaces such as walls and wood panels. Some will spray water based paints and stains; others oil based. Some may be good for fences while others are the preferred sprayers when you want to paint furniture or decks.

Others, still, are good for spraying any number of decorative paints onto surfaces. Your needs will dictate which sprayer works best for you. The Motocoat series is actually available for car enthusiasts and some of the paint jobs they want to complete in terms of undercoating, for instance.

The Wagner paint sprayer is available from many sources. They are sold by home maintenance outlets, specialist shops and reliable websites on the internet.

Whether you are an experienced DIY enthusiast or someone trying it out for the first time, you will certainly be impressed by this system of spraying paint and stains onto surfaces – instead of using brushes and rollers.